New Equipment

As our community continues to grow the Fern Creek Fire Department must grow and adapt with it. With the addition of the Parklands comes the need for new equipment to aid in technical rescues. The Parklands has 2700 acres in the Fern Creek area alone. There are over 9 miles of waterways and approximately 30 miles of trails. Fern Creek’s new ATV (7173) and Rescue boat allows the department to be better equipped for situations the could unfold in the park, as well as other parts of the district. This new equipment has only been in place for a few weeks and is already proven itself very useful. On September 25th units responded with Louisville Metro EMS and the Park Rangers on a medical emergency in Broad Run Park. Our new Polaris played a vital role in getting the patient out of the trails and into the hands of EMS.


Our Polaris was bought with the help a several members of the Louisville Metro Council who understand the importance of the department being prepared for anything that could happen in the district. Fern Creek would like to give a big Thank you to Council members Stuart Benson, Robin Engel, and James Peden!