EMS Division

In 2020 the Fern Creek Fire Protection district founded its ground ambulance service to provide additional advanced life support to the citizens of Fern Creek.  Fern Creek Fire & EMS now provides three ALS Ambulances through-out the district. 

Questions about our EMS service can be submitted by email to Major Ben Neal – Medical Officer at BNeal@ferncreekfire.com

Ambulance Fee Schedule 

Advanced Life Support $800.00 

Advanced Life Support Nonemergency $800.00 

Basic Life Support $600.00 

Basic Life Support Nonemergency $600.00 

Advanced Life Support II $1000.00 

Mileage (Loaded Miles) $14.00 

ALS Disposables $200.00 

BLS Disposables $150.00 

Oxygen $10.00 

Refusals/ non transports No Charge 


Standby Events 


ALS Ambulance An ambulance staffed with a KY licensed $90.00/hr.  

Paramedic and certified EMT  


ALS Response Car A response vehicle with a single KY licensed $55.00/hr. 



BLS Response Car A response vehicle with a single KY certified $45.00/hr. 

Emergency Medical Technician