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**It shall be the mission of the Fern Creek Fire Department to provide quality fire protection and emergency services to the citizens of our community.**



March is Severe Weather month in Kentucky.



Fern Creek Fire would like to remind everyone about their safety during this upcoming Severe Weather season. Please visit our Severe Weather page at the above link.


Also, here are a few ways to help keep you informed of approaching severe weather:

Do not rely solely on the outside warning sirens for notice of a Tornado Warning. These work great for outdoor activities, but those who are asleep or have hearing disablilities may not hear the siren while indoors.

You can sign up for severe weather text-alerts from your local news stations (click below to visit these links for their Text/email Alerts)



Purchase a weather radio which will alert you during storm activity.







Jefferson County Fire in partnership with Louisville Fire, Louisville MetroSafe, KYESA & SIAC have begun an educational campaign to reduce the number of false alarms that the local fire departments respond to. Please visit the ALARMS site below to learn more on how you can help us reduce false alarms.



Please click on the link below to view The Idea Bank's short video on the importance of fire alarms, having alarm systems operating correctly, and thereby reducing the number of false alarms


(Click "Play PSA" on their website to watch the video)





A scald injury can happen at any age

Hot liquids from bath water, hot coffee, or even microwaved soup can cause devastating injuries

There were over 58,000 scalding/non-fire burn injuries in 2007. Those injuries accounted for almost a third of all burn injuries reported by hospitals

Download NFPA's Scald Prevention tip sheet to help keep you and your loved ones safe

Below, you can also watch NFPA's Amy LeBeau on the importance of testing bath water for children







The National Fire Protection Association has developed fire safety information for persons and families dealing with disabilities

Please visit their page for these helpful guidelines by clicking on the logo above



Every year in the United States, about 3,500 people die in home fires.
Most of these deaths occurred in homes that didn’t have a working smoke alarm.


If your smoke alarm was installed before January 30, 2003, it needs to be replaced!


Visit the U.S. Fire Administration site for more information




Review our Fire Safety tip sheet for Older Adults by clicking here



Visit Fern Creek Fire's page for child restraint and car seat info.


Read about common installation mistakes and watch reports from Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Matt Lauer on car seat safety


The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a new report on Sudden Infant-Death Syndrome (SIDS)

in relation to car seats, infant carriers, and slings.


Please visit our page above for more information.



Visit our page on Carbon Monoxide poisoning and how to keep your family SAFE!



Stay up-to-date on nationwide recalls & safety bulletins by clicking on the site above.

For general information & publications, please visit their main website here.