Veterans Day 2020

Halloween Event

Command Promotions


At our October Board of Trustees meeting the district promoted Lt. Col Scott Evans to Deputy Chief, and Captain Ben Neal to Major. These two men bring great leadership to our command staff! With their hard work and dedication they will continue to help grown our department and provide a better service for the community.

Patriots Day 2020: We will never forget!

Another 9/11 in the firehouse. Today marks 19 years since the September 11th attacks. Spending this day in a firehouse is a sobering event. The day starts like many others with coffee and news from the off going shift. But as the sun begins to rise we make our way out front. Lowering the flag to half mast and taking a moment of silence to remembers all those lives lost 19 years ago. Cars drive by as life continues, but not for us, not today. For us, this day serves as a reminder, and a time to rededicate ourselves. 343 firefighters lost their lives in New York that day, and on 9/12 those remaining got back on the truck. Our service never stops! Across the country fire companies will answer calls for help baring 9/11 stickers and decals, and with 343 souls watching over them.

Major Newman Retires

On September 1st Major Todd Newman retired after serving the community of Fern Creek for 37 years. Major Newman joined the department in 1983 and promoted through the ranks, ultimately becoming a Major of Health & Safety. Todd also served as a member of our Board of Trustees for 20 years. During his time at FCFD he redefined the term fire family. He served along side his brothers and nephew. His daughters were also very involved in the department helping with events such as the crusade. He also helped to mentor countless firefighters over his 37 years. He was never afraid to pass on the knowledge that he learned. In his last years with the department Major Newman worked with other firefighters to help establish our cancer policy, which is considered one of the most aggressive in the state. No amount a gratitude will able be enough to truly thank Major Newman for all that he has brought to our department and community.

Now Hiring: Admin Assistant


Fern Creek Fire Protection District

Hiring Announcement
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We are currently seeking applications for an administrative assistant to the Chief. Applications can be downloaded from the link below or picked up in person from Fern Creek Fire & EMS Station 1 at 6200 Bardstown Rd. All applications must be submitted on or before September 2nd, 2020. Applications can be emailed to or in dropped off at Station 1 during business hours. I full description of the position can be found information below.

Job Description: Admin Assistant

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Submit applications to 

Crusade Total 2020

We are proud to announce that despite COVID-19 we were still able to collect over $119,000 for the WHAS Crusade for Children. The pandemic created quite the roadblock for our traditional means of collecting. We did what firefighters do and adapted and overcame. We worked with Louisville business owners to aid in our collection, and like many other departments we conducted drive thru donations at the firehouse. While we hope that we will be back to normal for next years Crusade we aren’t going to sit around to find out. We are already planning new and exciting ways to collected for the amazing charity. 

How to donate

Res Q Jack Training


Crusade 2020

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Crusade for Children was rescheduled for for the first  weekend in August. It is also going to look a little different. Unfortunately in order to help reduce the spread of the virus changes to our collection efforts have had to be made. We will likely not be doing any road blocks or door-to-door collections.

We are going to need your help if we are going to hit our goals! We have several new ideas in the works but the easiest way to donate is going to be electronically. 

Make sure to credit Fern Creek when you make your donations so we can be #1 again this year!