Extrication on Billtown Rd: 2/23/2018

On Friday at 5 pm Fern Creek responded to an auto accident with a rescue. Engine 7134 worked to free the driver from the car. The victim was transported with what were believed to be non life threatening injuries.

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Fire Engineering: The Invisible Danger

Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami
Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami – This version is the full narrated version of the presentation and includes both Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger video and the New Badge of Honor video. It also includes additional information and background on firefighter cancer risks. This presentation has been evaluated and shown to increase intentions to engage in decontamination processes, as well as helping improve knowledge, attitudes, and norms toward decontamination.

This video demonstrates processes of cross-contamination from bunker gear to individuals, equipment, the fire station, personal vehicles, and even family members. This video has been evaluated and has been shown to be effective at increasing intentions to engage in decontamination processes after a fire, including showering, routine cleaning of gear, bagging gear before transport, and using wipes on scene.

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7155 Refurb Update

Quint 7155 left in November for the Seagrave Manufacturing plant in Wisconsin for refurbishment. Below are pictures of some of the updates that have been completed. On the exterior 55 now has a high vis reflective rear end with LED arrow stick and some new skins on a few compartment door. The Cab received 5 new seats with seat belt sensors and a back up camera. 55’s ladder is in the process of being rebuild and repainted.


2017 Awards Banquet

On January 20th the Fern Creek Fire Department gathered to recognize the accomplishments of our members in 2017.

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Got Hands?

Great program offered by our friends at the St. Matthews Fire Department!

House Fire: Little Springs

Around 7:00 this morning crews from Fern Creek, Highview, and J-town responded to a report of a house fire on Radleigh Lane in the Little Springs Farm neighborhood. The fire was found in a basement utility room and was quickly extinguished with minimal damage to the home. The quick actions of everyone on scene kept this from becoming a devastating fire.


Fern Creek would like to congratulate Nathan Mulvey on his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel! Lt. Col. Mulvey has been made an Assistant Chief. He has served as our department’s training officer since 2014. In that time he has greatly expanded our level of technical training. We look forward to the advancements our department will make with him in this new position.


Fern Creek would also to like welcome its newest Mayor Appointed Trustee to our department.  Tracy DeLoch replaced trustee Keith Jackson who was asked to serve on a different board. We look forward to working with Tracy as our department continues to grow.

Ice Rescue Training

Last week the members of the Fern Creek Fire Department expanded their technical rescue knowledge by learning to preform ice rescues. Our community has several lakes and ponds and any one of them could mean an ice rescue for us. This training is another step we have taken to better prepare ourselves to serve the citizens of Fern Creek.