Fern Creek Fire Protection District covers 56 square miles. In order to provide exceptional service to our community we have 4 stations throughout the district, staffed by a combination of career and volunteer firefighters.

Station 1

6200 Bardstown Rd.

Station 1 is located in the most heavily populated area in our district. The facility includes a full basketball court gymnasium, a weight room, full kitchen, and enough sleeping quarters to house 12 firefighters. Station 1 is currently staffed with 3 career personnel and 1 live-in. This station also has a volunteer crew on at least 2 nights a week.

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Station 2

9409 Old Bardstown Rd.

Station 2 is Fern Creek’s headquarters and maintenance facility. This station has office space for all of our command and administrative staff. The apparatus bay is equipped with a maintenance pit and vehicle lift. Station 2 handles all of the maintenance for the district’s entire fleet.

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Station 3

7700 Route Rd









Station 3 covers the rural area of Fern Creek. This is the only full volunteer house left in the district. However, station 3 covers more area than any other firehouse in Fern Creek.

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Station 4

7200 Billtown Rd.

Station 4 is Fern Creek’s most centrally located fire house. It was the first station built specifically to house firefighters 24 hours a day. Station 4 has a full kitchen with a dining room and TV room. It also has private sleeping quarters for 5 personnel. This station is currently staffed with 2 career and 1 live-in firefighters.

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