Patriots Day 2020: We will never forget!

Another 9/11 in the firehouse. Today marks 19 years since the September 11th attacks. Spending this day in a firehouse is a sobering event. The day starts like many others with coffee and news from the off going shift. But as the sun begins to rise we make our way out front. Lowering the flag to half mast and taking a moment of silence to remembers all those lives lost 19 years ago. Cars drive by as life continues, but not for us, not today. For us, this day serves as a reminder, and a time to rededicate ourselves. 343 firefighters lost their lives in New York that day, and on 9/12 those remaining got back on the truck. Our service never stops! Across the country fire companies will answer calls for help baring 9/11 stickers and decals, and with 343 souls watching over them.