About EMS

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The Job and Equipment

Fern Creek is a one of a kind community. It’s 56 square miles brings together commercial, residential, and rural areas. Which means you will be responding on a very wide range of calls. From shortness of breath to farming incidents. 

Fern Creek is also home to over 2700 acres of the massive Parklands of Floyds Forks park system. With miles of trials and waterways, a bike park, and a multitude of outdoor activities this park will demand your “A” game. 

As an EMT or Paramedic with Fern Creek you will be assigned to a 24 hour shift on one of our brand new Braun ambulances. Our 24 hour on, 48 hour off shifts make your schedule simple and predictable. 

We’ve gone above and beyond to make the job as easy as possible. Top of the line ambulances, powered Stryker stretchers & stair chairs, and LUCAS CPR machines all allow you to focus on the medicine. 

Train in new and exciting skills

We want our members to be ready to provide the very best care possible to the community. To do this you will have the opportunity to learn specialized rescue training if you choose. These skills include Rope, Swift water, and Trench rescue. As well as HAZMAT Technician training to learn to safety operate around Hazardous Materials.


Are You Ready?

If you are ready to step up and serve our community we are ready to have you. Come be apart of this new and exciting time in Fern Creek history. As we celebrate 75 years and take a big step forward!

Application Instructions

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